AiCare Ltd is a innovative start-up with a social vocation (SIAVS), a particular model of start-up which, beyond the promotion of services with high technological value has as main objective the wellbeing of the community.Founding Members are partly public institutions and partly private service providers, also partners of AdrihealthMob project, an important reality with its main activity in developing a strategy for sustainable and efficient mobility, through which can guarantee to the citizenship a more versatile, easy way for health, care and welfare services. As guarantee of seriousness and validity of AiCare project, is also the participation as founder member and main shareholder of COOSS Social Cooperative, a solid reality in Marche region in Italy, that brings to this start-up its decennial experience and competences in leadership management and operative management. The strength of the entrepreneurship structure it is fundamental as allows to AiCare to be interesting to future investments and also to scale its business model into other territories.




social startup

Given the recent definition from Ministry for Economic Development, it can be useful to learn more what are about the innovative start-ups with social vocation (SIAVS). The innovative start-ups with social vocation are those innovative start-ups which operate exclusively in the sectors defined by Art. 2, comma 1, del D.Lgs n. 155/2006. But which are those sectors defined by the legislative decree? In addition to the ones covered directly by AiCare – social assistance; health care and health and social care – are also listed: Education, training and learning, environmental and ecosystem protection, enhancement of cultural heritage; social tourism ; university and post-university education; research and provision of cultural services; Extra-curricular education, for the prevention of early school leaving and the school and educational success; instrumental services to social enterprises, delivered by entities whose share are controlled at least seventy percent from organizations that operate a social enterprise; development cooperation.